The Seattle Times

“Bruce Harrell is the most qualified and able to deal with the district’s concerns. Trained as an attorney and informed by his black and Japanese heritage, he is running again to build ‘pathways to success’ and bring investments to a community that has traditionally lagged behind others. Harrell’s strength is his understanding of social-justice issues and how systemic racism often hinders progress and opportunities for many in a district with high concentrations of working-class, and often foreign-born, Asian, black and Latino residents.”

The Municipal League of King County – “Highest Rated Candidate in Race”
King County Democrats
37th District Democrats
M.L. King County Labor Council
Seattle Fire Fighters Union, Local 27
Cascade Bicycle Club
Washington Conservation Voters

Bruce Harrell has been a strong supporter for updating the Bicycle Master Plan (2014), and funding its implementation. Harrell is now championing the Seattle Department of Transportation’s current road safety corridor project to make Rainier Avenue S safer. We look forward to his continued leadership to make Rainier Avenue as safe as possible.

King County Corrections Guild – “Our Mission is Public Safety”
King County Sheriff Marshal’s Guild
Seattle Building & Construction Trades Council
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 46
Laborers Local 242
Professional and Technical Employees (PTE) Local 17
SEIU Healthcare 775NW – more than 40,000 long-term care workers providing quality in-home care, nursing home care and adult day health services
SEIU Healthcare 1199NW – 26,000 nurses and healthcare workers
SEIU Local 6 – more than 4,000 janitors, security officers, and allied industries workers
SEIU Local 925 – United for Quality Education and Public Services
IBEW Local 77
International Union of Elevator Constructors Local Union No. 19
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587
King County Young Democrats
11th “Powerhouse” Legislative District Democrats
Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy (C.A.S.E.)
American Federation of Teachers – Local 1789
International Union of Painters & Allied Trades
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 286
NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
SEAMEC Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee “Highest Rating”
Teamsters Local Union No. 117
Seattle Transit Blog
Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle
United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 32
Asian Pacific Islander Americans for Civic Empowerment (APACE)
Aerospace Machinists Industrial District Lodge 751
Equal Rights Washington
Laborers Local 1239
Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
Rainier Riders
ILWU Local 19 International Longshore and Warehouse Union

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray
Ron Sims (former King County Executive & former Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development)
House Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos (37th Legislative District)
House Representative Eric Pettigrew (37th Legislative District)
State Senator Bob Hasegawa (11th Legislative District)
House Representative Steve Bergquist (11th Legislative District)
House Representative Zack Hudgins (11th Legislative District)
Speaker of the website House Frank Chopp (WA State House of Representatives)
U.S. Congressman Adam Smith (representing Washington’s 9th congressional district)
King County Councilmember Larry Gossett
Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw
Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess
Seattle City Councilmember Sally Clark
Seattle City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen
Seattle City Attorney Peter S. Holmes
State Senator Cyrus Habib (48th Legislative District)
House Representative Cindy Ryu (32nd Legislative District)
Claudia Balducci (Mayor of Bellevue)
Marilyn Strickland (Mayor of Tacoma)
King County Assessor Lloyd Hara
Seattle Deputy Mayor Hyeok Kim (Former Executive Director of InterIm Community Development Association)
King County Councilmember Rod Dembowski
Betty Patu (Seattle School Board Member, District VII, Representing Beacon Hill, Cleveland, Franklin, Rainier Beach, & other schools in District 2)
Stephan Blanford (Seattle School Board Member, District V)
Renton Councilmember and African American Commission Executive Director Ed Prince
Port of Seattle Commissioner Tom Albro
Congressman Mike Honda
State Senator Adam Kline (retired 37th Leg. Dist. State Senator)
Velma Veloria, 11th Legislative District, Former State Representative
Former State Representative Dawn Mason (37th Leg. Dist.)
Former State Senator George Fleming (37th Leg. Dist.)
Former State Representative Jesse Wineberry
Tim Ceis (Former Seattle Deputy Mayor)
Oakland Deputy Mayor Desley Brooks
Former Seattle Councilmember David Della
Thurston County Assessor Steven J. Drew
Former State Senator Kathleen Drew
Former State Senator Rosa Franklin
Snohomish County Executive John Lovick
Everett Councilmember Ron Gipson
Former State Senator Claudia Kauffman
Former Seattle City Councilmember Paul Kraabel
Former Seattle School Board Member Jan Kumasaka
Former Seattle Municipal Judge Ron Mamiya
Charlotte Councilmember James E. Mitchell Jr. (President National League of Cities)
Tukwila Councilmember De’Sean Quinn
Retired Justice Charles Z. Smith (State Supreme Court Justice)
Former Seattle Mayor Wes Uhlman
Tacoma School Board and Former Tacoma Mayor Karen Vialle
Former King County Councilmember Paul Barden
Former King County Prosecutor Christopher Bayley
Former KC Sheriff’s Office Chief Fabienne Brooks
Washington State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles (36th District)
36th Leg. Dist. State Representative Reuven Carlyle
School Board Member Sherry Carr
Former Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin
King County Executive Dow Constantine
Port Commissioner John Creighton
Former Port of Seattle Commissioner Pat Davis
Former School Board Member Michael DeBell
Former Seattle City Councilmember Jan Drago
Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson (former King County Councilmember)
Former Port of Seattle Commissioner Alec Fisken
Former Seattle School Board Member Darlene Flynn
Former Chief of Departmental Operations of Seattle John Franklin
State Senator David Frockt (former 46th Leg. Dist. State Representative)
Former Deputy Mayor of Seattle Phil Fujii
Seattle City Councilmember Jean Godden
Former Seattle School Board Member Suzanne Hittman
Former Port Commissioner Rob Holland
Governor Jay Inslee (former U.S. House of Representative)
Former State Representative Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney (46th Leg. Dist.)
U.S. House of Representatives Rick Larsen (Washington’s 2nd Congressional District)
Former Governor of Washington Michael “Mike” Lowry
Former State Senator Gene Lux
Former School Board Member Peter Maier
Former Seattle City Councilmember John Manning
School Board Member Harium Martin‐Morris
King County Councilmember Joe McDermott
Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien
State Senator Jamie Pedersen (43rd Leg. Dist. & former Representative of 43rd Leg. Dist.)
King County Councilmember Larry Phillips
Former Mayor of Seattle Norm Rice
Former King County Executive Randy Revelle
Former Mayor of Seattle Charles Royer
Former Seattle City Councilmember Dolores Sibonga
Former Seattle City Attorney Mark Sidran
Former School Board Member Kay Smith‐Blum
Former Seattle School Board Member Alan Sugiyama
Former School Board Member Steve Sundquist
Former WA State Supreme Court Justice Philip Talmadge
State Rep. Gael Tarleton (36th Leg. Dist. & Former Port Commissioner)
Former State Senator Pat Thibaudeau (43rd Leg. District)
Former President of WA State Bar Association Ronald Ward
Former Seattle City Councilmember Tom Weeks
Former Seattle Councilmember Heidi Wills

George Breland, Cleveland High School Principal
Dwane Chappelle, Rainier Beach High School Principal
Dr. Jennifer Wiley, Franklin High School Principal

Gerald Hankerson
Sheley Secrest
Rogelio Riojas (President and CEO of Sea Mar Community Health Centers)
Pamela Banks (President & CEO, Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle)
Michael Woo (Got Green Founder & Green Jobs Organizer)
Tim Harris (Executive Director, Real Change)
Gregory Dean (Seattle Fire Chief)
Eugene Wasserman (President, North Seattle Industrial Association)
Dr. Alexes Harris
Javier Valdez (Member of the WA State Democrat, former Chair of the 43rd District Democrats, 46th District Democrats)
Jaime Garcia (Executive Director, Consejo Counseling Services)
Jesus R Sanchez
KL Shannon, community activist and leader
Harriett Walden (Mothers for Police Accountability)
Kiku Hayashi (Professional Community Volunteer)
Judith Edwards (North Beacon Hill Council)
Susan Serbina (Retired Port of Seattle)

Ruth Woo, lifelong activist in Asian-American community

“As a lifelong community activist for the Asian-American community and advocate for equality, social justice, and civil rights, I endorse Bruce Harrell for Seattle City Council District 2. He is from this neighborhood and has emerged as one of its strongest and most effective advocates. He has served the City for 8 years and has been the Council leader on Asian Pacific Islander issues, civil rights, and creating opportunities and pathways for all people to succeed, regardless of race. He successfully fought for the Wing Luke Museum to obtain $150,000 for the museum to support public programs and improve access for youth and low-income groups. He built the Technology Matching fund from $175,000 to $320,000 to fund such organizations as the Vietnamese Friendship Association, Filipino Community of Seattle, Asian Counseling and Referral Service, and Southeast Seattle Senior Center to assist the elderly and immigrants with technology assistance. He recently budgeted $50,000 for the Chinatown/International District to activate the alleys to improve public safety and help economic development and supported $295,000 to help expand Legacy House, a low‐income senior housing facility. Bruce has the right priorities for District 2, the know-how, and experience to bring prosperity and resources to this area in the new district system.”

Allen J. Aldrich
Derek Anderson
Sally L Bailey

SE Seattle now has a Tool Library thanks to Bruce’s support, encouragement and advice. A great advocate for SE Seattle!

Debra Robinson Baker (ROYAL Project Director)
Barbara Banon
Tommy & Mary Bogan
Kara Briggs
James C. Buckley
Carlo Caldirola-Davis
Maurice P. Callahan & Karen Kilbane
Frances J. Carr
John and Mary Charles
George M. Chatalas
Don Covey & Marilyn Covey
William Covington
Ty Cramer
Lisa Daugaard
Eric DeJong & Kimberlee DeJong
Hassan Diis
Emily Ericsen
Emily Evans & Kevin Wilson
Levi S. Fisher
Howard Frumkin (Dean, School of Public Health; Professor, Env. and Occ. Health Sciences University of Washington)

Bruce combines commitment to public service, dedication to his district and the city, experience, and understanding of complex issues.

Carver Gayton
Lorena González (
Denis Hayes
Rodney T. Hearne
Bob Heuser & Carol McIntosh
Suzanne M. Hittman
Suzanne Hurley
Jonelle MC Johnson
Emett H. Kelsie
Holly Krejci (Former Chair of 11th Legislative District Democrats)
D. Benjamin Lee
Jerry & Charlene & Lee Charlene Lee
Andrew Lofton
Michael Malone
Michael Mann
Mary McWilliams
Cothron McMillian (Principal, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School)
Paul Mitchell
Johnnie Mobley & Debra Mobley-Lyles
Tomio Moriguchi
J. Shan Mullin & Lora Fraser Mullin
Pat Murakami (Southeast Seattle Crime Prevention Council)
Jeannie O’Brien (Lakewood Seward Park Neighborhood Association, President)
John Okamoto
Arlene Oki
Thomas Oliveri
Jason Oliver
Stanley Orr & Priscilla Orr
Doug Palmer Noriko Palmer
Patricia Paschal
Willie Payne & Thelma Payne
Jesse Perry
Paul & Dina Pigott
Mariana Quarnstrom
Bob Raphael
Richard C. Redman
Janice Richards
Andre L. Riley
Cos Roberts
Gabe Rosenshine
Allynn Ruth
Joseph Sabey
Dolores Sibonga
Herb Simon
John Stafford
Ezra Teshome
Herbert Tsuchiya
Kevin Turner
Arthur Wahl & Ev Wahl
Patricia Walker

Bruce has been a diligent and engaged councilmember with an alert eye to issues of importance such as police oversight. I strongly support Bruce’s re-election.

Maiko Winkler-Chin (Executive Director, SCIDpda)
Anthony J. Wright
Henry & Donna Yates
Roger Young

Supporters and Endorsements from 2007-2015:


“The Detention Guild prides themselves on their commitment to working with the troubled youth of Seattle through detention, programs and mentoring. Bruce’s commitment to the troubled youth of the City of Seattle was their chief reason for rating Bruce # 1 of all the candidates for Mayor.”

“Perseverance, diversity, commitment, compassion and loyalty, these are just some of the characteristics that make a great leader. These are but a handful of the values that embrace Seattle Mayoral candidate, Bruce Harrell. It is these attributes and much more that has major law enforcement organizations and myself, supporting Bruce’s candidacy. His commitment to community, public safety and economic prosperity of the City of Seattle make him the only outstanding candidate for Mayor and puts him far ahead of the crowd. Please join me and the men and women of the King County Corrections Guild, in supporting Bruce Harrell as Seattle’s next mayor.”

Individuals and Community Leaders

Gia Abbott
Isaac D. Alexander
Devon Alisa Abdallah
Sharon Abdul
Kassim Abdul Rahman
Ty Accornero
Anita S. Adams
Kendra Aguilar
Coletha Albert
Jaaziq Ali
Damon Allen
John Allen
Leaza Allen
Yalonda Allen Sinde
Laurie Almoslino
Christopher M. Alston
Kevin Amos
Fred Anderson
Pastor Dr. Carey G. Anderson
James Andrus
Tammy Armijo
Dan Armstrong
Linda Armstrong
Charles K. Arnold
Christopher Arnold
Paul Arnold
Jamie Asaka
Willie Austin
Kristine D. Bagby
Marques D. Bailey
Yolande Bailey
Fatuma Balcat
Hugh F. Bangasser
Barbara Banon
Stan Barer
Ronald Barned
Noel W. Barnes
Jack Barrow III
Marcia Bartholme
Bridget Bascomb
Victoria Beach
Yvonne F. Beatty
Glen Beebe
Susan Beebe
Cindi Beech LaMar
Miranda Belarde Lewis
Cabrina Bell
Drea Bell
Dr Kimberly Bell
Sheree Bell
Reco Bembry
Helen Bembry
Krista Benjamin
Dr. Omara Benjamin Abe
Tony Benjamin
Dawn Bennett
Bruce Bentley Sr.
Tony Benton
Hassna Benyahya
Ann Berberian
Arthur Bernard
Tuvache Betton
Felice Blakely
Bettye Blakeney
Dr. Sidney Blakeney
Angela Bogan
Mary Bogan
Thomas Bogan
Rache Boston
Debra Bowman
Rev David Bowman
Luevennie Bridges
LueRachelle Brim-Atkins
Tabitha Bronsema
Adriane Brown
Carol Brown
Denise Brown
Fred “Downtown Freddie” Brown
Jan Brown
Jerome Brown
Jimmie Brown
Mozell Brown
Reggie Brown
Mary Brown-Mason
Valorie Bryant
Velena Bryant
Virginia Bryant
Bernard Buchanan
Ernest Buchanan
Jon D. Buchanan
Leslie Buchanan
Artie Buerk, UW – Arthur W. Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship
Michelle Buetow
Geoffrey Burg
Michelle Burge
Jay Burger
Doris Burgess
Jason Burnett
Tim Bursey
Harold Burton
Linzy Burton
Trina Burton
Curtiss Calhoun
JJ Cariso
Naomi Carlyle
Andrew Carrington
Bobby Carter
Ray Cattage
Adrienne Caver-Hall
Dinh Chang
Matt Chang
Monica Chang
Dwane D. Chappelle
Faye Chess
Farayi Chiro
SJ Chiro
Loren Chotzen
Danielle Christianson
Gina Christopher
Rob Christopher
Jo Ann Chrysostom
Marty Chrysostom
Eula Clark
Tracy Cobbin
Darrnell Cola
Leanne Cola
Brian Cole
Jennifer M. Coleman, Esq.
Peter Coleman
Robert Coleman
Sherry Collier
Clint Collins
Darrell Collins
Jerome Collins
Kirby Collins
Dennis Comer
Lillian Comer
John Comerford
Staci Conley
Larry Cordier
Ahmad Corner
Marjorie Cottom
William Covington
Cesily Crowser
Bobby Dampier
Darci Daniels Talkington
Alice Davis
Andre Davis
Roland E. Davis II
Shawn Davis
Tara Davis
Lashawn Daye
Julius Debro
Diana DeLeon
Lon Delma
RC Demmings
Howie Dickerson
Lauren Dodd
James Donaldson
Ben Dowdle
Lisa Dowdle
Mark Dowdle
Danielle Draeger
Bellen Drake
Philip Drew
Caleb Dunlap
Ernie Dunston
Adjua Dupree
Oscar Eason Jr
Abigail Echohawk
Lael Echohawk
Colleen Echohawk-Hayashi
Matt Echohawk-Hayashi
Margaret J. Edwards
Sheila Edwards-Lienhart
Hawa Egal
James C. Egan
Alma D. Elahee
Scott Ellis
Christopher Epps
Karl Epps II
Penny Ervin
Lizzie Evans
Louis Faccone Jr.
Lolie Farinas
Digene Farrar
Iris Finch
Michael Finley
Vallerie Fisher
Zane Fitch
Tina Fleming
Portia Flowers
Dee Dee Floyd
Ralph Forquera
James A. Fossos
Michael Fountain
Pat Fowler
Darrell Franklin
Sara Franklin
Ronald Froton
Marcell Fuller
Micky Funk
Tisha Gallow
Jaime Garcia
Jania Garcia
Adela Gasiem
Jeron “Bookie” Gates
Dr. John German
Samory German
Eric Gertsman
Drew Gipson
Dona Glasgow
Nesby Glasgow
Brooks Gokami
Jan HT Gokami
Nina Golla-Trapp
Consuelo Gomez
Pedro Gomez
Tony Gomez
Harmony Gonty
Wes Gonzalez
Roy Goodall
Kyle Gorman
Michael Gorman
Charlotte Grady
Nancy K. Gratton
Dorothy Graves
Heather Graves Chavez
Ethel M. Green
Grace A. Greenwich
Stephen Greenwich
Glenn Gregory
Richele Gregory
Mark Griffin
Rev Philis J Griffin
Fardus Grimes
Paulette Guyton-Williams
Jason Hakala
Gerald Hankerson
Kurt Hanson
Pastor David Hardy Jr
Charmaine Harrell
Felisha Harrell
Florence Harrell
Marcus Harrell
Melissa Harrell
Michael Harrell
Monisha Harrell
Rose Harrell
Toni Harrell
Wendell Harrell
Amani Harris
John Hart
Lamfus Harvey Jr.
Jill Hashimoto
Faiza Hassan
Stephanie Hatley
Jeffrey Hattori
Paul Hayes
Terry Hayes
Toni Hayes
Pat Haynes
Nancy Heen
Britta Hendren
Eddie Hill Jr.
Eddie Hill Sr.
Joanne Hill
Seth Hill
Cynthia Hobbs
Drew Hobson
Richard Hodgin
Mack L. Hogans
Monty Holmes
Steve Holmes
Marilyn Hopkins
John Hord
Charles R Horn
Russell Horowitz
Sherri Hosieni
Tina Houston
Lembhard G. Howell
Valorie Hughes
Vanessa R. Hughes-McCoy
George Hunter
Louis Hunter
Patricia Hunter
Phyllis Huster
Linda Ishii
Craig Jackson
Paul Jackson
Charlotte Ann Jacobs
Ed Jefferson
Linda Jefferson
Raychael Jensen
Tanya Jimale
Gwendolyn Jimerson
Bernita Johnson
Gayle Johnson
James Johnson
Jonelle M.C. Johnson
Danna K Johnston
Brent Jones
Eddie Jones
Kelsey Jones
Linda R. Jones
Marcee Jones
Marie Jones
Terry Jones
Jacquie Jones Walsh
Jeane Lanesia Jordan
Craig Kairis
Jared C. Karstetter, Jr.
Joy Kashiwagi
Mekonnen Kassa
Erica Keich
Karl Keich
James Kelly
Joyce C Kelly
Emett H. Kelsie
Harold Kelsie
Ronald Kelsie
Shirley Kelsie
Marvena Kemp
Sokchea Khann
Donald King
Lauren King
Verdia Kinney-Thompson
Ari Kohn
Lisa Konick
Jim Kranick
Ken Krasner
Sarah Krueger
Chuck Labertew
Ondia Lafaye Skinner

Jim Lambright
Jeremy Lange
Cindi Laws
Ben Lawton
Mark Lee
Keith A Leitich
Tim Lennon
Greg Lewis
Pastor Eugene Lewis
Susie & David Lewis
Sylvia Liang
Diankha Linear
John Litten
Charlene Little
Will Livesley-O’Neill
Rosie Long
Roy Long Jr
William Lowe
Carnissa Lucas-Smith
Michael Luckevich
Anita Luster
Moses A. Luyombya
Carol Lycette
Luther Lyle
Kenny Lyles
Toni Mace
Debbie Mace Harris
Lara Macklin
Tracey MacRae
Carrie Madden
Conor Mahoney
Michael Majeed
William F. Malaier, Jr.
Matthew Malcham
John Malcomson
Pastor Robert L. Manaway Sr.
Juana Mangaoang
Marji Mar
Murray Mar
Mazvita Maraire
Doug Martin
Theo Martin
Edwina Martin-Arnold
Eleanor Martinez Smith
Fernando Martinez
Alesia Massingale
Denise Massingale-Lamb
Pamela Masterman-Stearns
Beverlee Mathews
Chris Mathews
Lynda Matthias
Trish May
Peter May
Gaye Ann Mcclellan
Scott McClellan
Maryann McConaughy
John D. McDaniel Jr
Loretta McIver
Robert McKay
Rev. Dr. Samuel Berry McKinney
Cothron L. McMillian
Charmaine Mcnair
Gregory Mcnair
Nick McNeal
Stephanie Medley
Peter Thomas Meo
Clyde Merriwether
Anthony R. Miles
Carlissia Miles
Leila Miles
Cyril O. Miller
Salonica Rachal Miller
Gary Milton
Priscilla Milton
Dr. Charles H. Mitchell
Marissa R. Mitchell
Mary Mitchell
Nancy Mitchell
Paul J. Mitchell
Nancy Mitchell
Carol Mizoguchi
Debra Mobley
Johnnie Mobley
Chris Moe
Kibibi Monie
Savina Montgomery
Edward H Moore
Erika Moore
Jennifer Moore
Chris Morris
Tracy M. Morris
Donald Mukai
Vicci Toyohara Mukai
Chase Munroe
Toussaint Myricks
Jennifer Naimy
Jackie Nelson
Afua Ndiaye
Dieu Nguyen
Theanh Nguyen
Dr. C. Neil Nicholson
Bianca Norman
Chareece Norman
Jeannie O’Brien
Scott Oakes
Penny Octuck Cole
Mark Okazaki
Thomas Oliveri
Chad Olson
Sara Olson
Tami Olson
Trevor Olson
Vic-ee Olson
Karrie Ondracek
Candace O’Neill
Laurie Ordonia
John Page
James Pappin
Chris Parker
Miles Partman
Patricia Pattenaude
Roland N. Patterson, Jr.
Thelma Payne
Willie Payne
Jackie Peguero
Carol Peoples Proctor
Tom Perkins
Alfred Petty
Delores Petty
Kimberly Petty
Philip Petty
Ben Pierson
Brooke Pinkham
Bill Pitmon
Lauren Poole
DaZanne Porter
Mark Porter
Darrell Powell
Richard W. Powell
Tiko Powell
Janet J. Preston
Sheila Preston Comerford
Henrietta Price
Michael M. Prineas
Rodney G. Proctor
Michelle Purnell-Hepburn
Jeremy Racca
Eric Rachner
Albert Raines
Walle Ralkowski
Greg Ramirez
John F. Rapp
Andrea Redmond
Regina Redmond
Wilson Edward Reed
Udo Reich
Ricka Renfrew
Fern Renville
Irene Reyes
David Rheins
Simeon Rhoden
Christopher Richardson
Esti Richardson
Ryan Richardson
Rogelio Riojas
Chris Roberts
Cos Roberts
Don Roberts
Gloria Roberts
Rickie Robinson
Peter Robison
Sheila Rogers
Renee Roman Nose
Gabriel Rosenshine
Garrison A. Ross
Gloria Ross
Gyasi Ross
Jovon Rossman
Geno Rosso
Rebecca Roy
Lewis Rudd
Curtis Ruffin
Trip Rumberger
Jackie Rye
Dr. Nicole SaintClair
Mark B. Saku, Esq.
Hector Samuels
Jennifer Samuels
Shavonne Samuels
Victor Samuels
Naomi Sanchez
Jesús Sanchez
David Schraer
Garett Schulz
Jazmyn Scott
Stephanie Fay Scott-Hatley
Adam Sedlik
Leland Seese
Ken Selander
Ave Seni
Daniel Sessoms
Damon G. Shadid
Princess Shareef
Regina Shelby
Charlotte Sherman
George Shinbo
Zhalena Slaughter
Anthony Smith
Carl Smith
Donald Smith
Glenn Smith
Kelley Smith
Melinda Smith
Orin C. Smith
Patricia Smith
Rocky Smith
Stacey Smith
Rhonda Smith/Banchero
Steve Sneed
Vida Sneed
Cynthia Softli
Katie Softli
Suzanne & Goerge Spano
Jackie Spencer
Patricia Stambor
Joe Staton
Chris Stearns
Bryan Steinke
Shayne C. Stevenson
Denise Stiffarm
Ingrid Stiffler
Bailey Stober
Jack Storms
Lashawn Street
Paul Strohmeier
Brenda Stubbs
Jack Stubbs
Bert Sugayan
Victoria Summerquist
Karen & Jeff Sweeney
Karan Swenson
Mark Swenson
Dana Tade
Susan Talley
Taren Talley
Sum Tang
Vinh Tang
Kinh Tat
Brenda Tate
Stanley Tate
Deborah Taylor
Marc Taylor
Mike Taylor
Pam Taylor
Russ Taylor
Toiya Taylor
Norman J Terry
Doug Thiel
Abner Thomas
Donna Thomas
Jean Thomas
Reginald Thomas
Roscoe Thompson
Jeff Thurman
Senait Tilahun
Jeffrey Scott Tobias
Nicole Tobin
Kenda Todaro
David Toledo
Richard Toms
Cannie Tran
Gail Tsuboi
Herb Tsuchiya
Sally Tsutsumoto
Jan Tsutsumoto Gokami
Kasa Tupua Pierson
Tina Turner
Tracy Turo
Dr. Solomon Uwadiale
Lynn Van Deventer
Darren Varnado
Veronica Verry
Raina Wagner
Mohammed Wago
Michelle Waits
Brandon Walton
Narva Walton
Chesca Ward
Kiti Ward
Ronald Ward
Ardie Warren
Michael Washington
Patricia Washington
Louis Watanabe
Erica Watson
Jerome Watson
Jacob Waugh
Ivan Weiss
Carol Wells
Barbara West
Kathleen West
Victoria West
Derrick Wheeler
Shaunie Wheeler-Saelee
Janie M. White
Jeri R. White
Don Wilcox
Rev. Aaron Williams
Bertram C. Williams
Clarence Williams
Denise Williams
Gerri Williams
James Williams
Keith Williams
Sherry E. Williams
Tandy Williams
Pastor Reggie Witherspoon Sr.
Marilyn Wong
Rick Wong
Yale Wong
Amelia Woolley
Chris Woolley
Michael Woolley
Felicia Yearwood
Art Yorozu
Sandra Zegretti
Jeff Zhou

2011 Endorsements

Organizations Endorsed or Support Bruce:
The Seattle Times
King County Democrats
11th District Democrats
34th District Democrats: West Seattle, White Center, Burien
36th District Democrats: Ballard, Queen Anne, Magnolia, Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Belltown, Fremont
37th District Democrats: Rainer Valley, Central District, Columbia City, Madrona, Mount Baker, Leschi,
Rainier Beach, Beacon Hill, Seward Park, Capitol Hill
46th District Democrats: Bitter Lake, Broadview, Blue Ridge, Bryant, Carkeek, Cedar Park, Chelsea, Crown
Hill, Greenlake, Greenwood, Haller Lake, Hawthorne Hills, Jackson Park, Lake City, Laurelhurst, Licton
Springs, Magnuson Park, Maple Leaf, Matthews Beach, Meadowbrook, Morningside, North College Park,
Northgate, Northpark, Olympic Hills, Paramount Park, Pinehurst, Ravenna, Roosevelt, Sand Point, Victory
Heights, View Ridge, Wedgwood, Windermere
Metropolitan Democratic Club
King County Young Democrats
M. L. King County Labor Council
The Seattle Medium
Northwest Asian Weekly
South Seattle Beacon District Journal
Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy (C.A.S.E.)
Seattle Police Officers Guild
Seattle‐King County Association of REALTORS
Washington Conservation Voters
Cascade Bicycle Club
Seattle Fire Fighters Union – IAFF Local 27
Fuse Washington
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587
Laborers Local 1239 – Public Service and Industrial Employees
King County Corrections Guild – Rating of “Exceptionally Well Qualified”
Seattle Police Management Association
The Municipal League of King County – “Rated VERY GOOD by Municipal League”
Affordable Housing Council
West Seattle Democratic Women
Seattle Gay News
SEAMEC (Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee) – “Perfect Rating”
Cowen Park Neighborhood Association
Roosevelt Business Association
Asian Pacific Americans for Civic Empowerment (APACE)
One America Votes
Filipino American Political Action Group of Washington (FAPAGOW)
Allied Arts/The Public Square
Hod Carriers & General Laborers Local No 242
Washington State Council of County and City Employees
Washington Trucking Associations
Washington Engineers
Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 77
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 46
Iron Workers District Council of the Pacific Northwest Local Union 86
Seattle / King County Building & Construction Trades Council
Aerospace Machinists Industrial District Lodge 751
Seattle Black Firefighters Association
Rental Housing Association
Professional and Technical Employees (PTE) Local 17
Communication Workers of America Local 7800
SEIU Healthcare 775NW
SEIU Local 925
UFCW 21 (United Food and Commercial Workers)
Northwest Marine Trade Association
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 286
Laborers Local 440
United Association Local 32 – Plumbers & Pipefitters
International Union of Operating Engineers 302
Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30
Sailors Union of the Pacific

Provost and Executive Vice President of the University of Washington Phyllis M. Wise
Ronald Abernethy
Gloria Adams
Louise Akizuki
Steve Aleinikoff
Alison Aleinikoff
Kevin Amos
Virginia Anderson
Stan Anderson
Cynthia Andrews
James Andrus
Vicki Asakura
Alan Axelrod
Terry Axelrod
E.H. Baker
Ross C. Baker
Gerald Baldasty
Reginald T. Ball
Maria Barrientos
Mike Bartolotti
Ronald Beard
Cecil Beatty
Pamela Beatty
Yvonne Beatty
Glen Beebe
Rodney Bench
Mary Jo Bench
Bruce Bentley
Ann Berberian
Laurie M. Black
Cleo Blackstone
Watson Blair
William Block
Tommy Bogan
Bradley Brickman
Sue Brickman
Jonathan Bridge
LueRachelle Brim‐Atkins
Rita Brogan
Herbert Brooks
Reggie Brown
Roxanne Buchanan
James C. Buckley
Tina Bueche
Geoffrey Burg
David Burman
Ken Burton
Linzy Burton
Sylvester Cann
Frances Carr
Andrew Carrington
Bruce Carter
Ellis H. Casson
Hoover Chambliss
Matthew Chan
Maurice Classen
Ken Colling
Jeannie Colling
Kirby Collins
Darlene Conley
Richard Cooley
George Corcoran
Cleo Corcoran
Shaun Corry
Reed Corry
Marjorie Cottom
Don Covey
Marilyn B. Covey
Ty Cramer
Steven Cramer
Kevin Daniels
Katheryne Davis
Craig Dawson
Sheri Day
Karl de Jong
Julius Debro
Jean Deguchi
Eric DeJong
Kimberlee DeJong
Chuck Depew
James Dickens
Brenda Dickey
Steve DiJulio
Dan Dixon
Barney Dowdle
Charlene Draine
Houston Drayton
Derryl Durden
JoAnn Een
Hawa Egal
Scott Ehnert
Stephen Ejide
Karl Epps
Yvonne Erickson
Emily Evans
Godfrey B. Evans
James Faulstich
Gretchen F. Faulstich
James E. Fearn
Dian Ferguson
Ellen Ferguson
James Fossos
Zinda Foster
Denise Fredette
Lynn French
Phillip Frink
Howard Frumkin
Joe Fugere
Leonor Fuller
Coletha Gaddy
Jaime Garcia
Burl Garnett Jr.
Ollie Garrett
William Gates Sr.
Carver Gayton
Felicia Gittleman
Douglas Glant
Thomas Goldstein, Executive Director, Washington Bus
Anthony Gomez
Rhonda Odean Gossett
Grace Greenwich
Mark Griffin
Carl Griffin
Bryan Guy
Margaret Haley
Beth Harper
Rose Harrell
Keith Harrell
Wendell Harrell
Calvin Harris
Robert Harvey Jr.
Tom Harville
Jeffrey M. Hattori
Denis Hayes, President – Bullitt Foundation
Stuart Heller
John Hempelmann
Michael Hepburn
Doris Hill
Eddie Hill
Duane Hill
Erma Hill
Rhonda Hilyer
Gabby & Michi Hirata
Ken Hirata
Debra Hirata
Jay Hollingsworth
Sheila Holmes
Ann M. Holmes
Steve Holmes
Charles Horn
Tina Houston
Lem Howell
Josephine Howell
Juan Huey‐Ray
Alan Irvine
Suzette Jessup
James Jessup
Tanya Jimale
Gwendolyn Jimerson
Jonelle Johnson
Gayle Johnson
James M. Johnson
Steve Johnson
Guela G. Johnson
Joe Jones
Mona Lake Jones
Marie Jones
Wilson Jones
Brent Jones
Marcee Jones
Craig Kairis
James Kelly
Emett Kelsie
Patti Kieval
Elaine Ikoma Ko
Ari Kohn
Lisa Konick
Jim Kranick
Jan Kumasaka
H.A. Kumasaka
Kelly Kunsch
Ruthann Kurose
Pablo Lambinicio
Anita Lammert
Sheila Edwards Lange
Toni Lawrence‐Mathis
Steve Leahy
Jerry Lee
D. Benjamin Lee
Robert Lee
Karen Lee
Anne Levinson
Rayburn S. Lewis
Terrence Lewis
Heidi Lewis
Gregory Lewis
Diankha Linear
John L. Litten
Charlene Little
Stephen Loeb
Ruby Love
Dr. Nancy Lucks
Bettie Luke
Luther Lyle
Kenneth R. Lyles
Michael Maddux
Nancy Malmgren
Dorothy H. Mann
David Marriott
Douglas Martin
Audrey Martin
James Martos
Nancy Martos
Karen Mask
Alesia Massingale
Yalonda Gil Masundire
Lynda Matthias
Trish May
Peter J. May
Stafford Mays
Scott McClellan
Gaye Ann McClellan
Samuel McKinney
Kent McKinney
Louise McKinney
Anthony Metoyer
Roy Monette
Myrtle Monette
Edward H. Moore, Jr.
Tomio Moriguchi
Donald Mukai
Vincent J. Mullally
Leo Muller
J. Shan Mullin
Lee Mullin
Jonathan Nash
Robert Nellams
Julie Nelson
Viet Nguyen
Cornelius Nicholson
George Northcroft
Roger Nyhus
Jeannie O’ Brien
Victor Odermat
Mary Odermat
John Okamoto
David Okimoto
Charles Oliver
Doug Palmer
Noriko Palmer
Michael Parham
Christopher Parker
Edward Pasatiempo
Patricia Paschal
Jackie Peguero
John Pehrson
Guadalupe S. Perez
Mike Peringer
Tom Perkins
Jesse Perry
Paulette Perry
Paul Pigott
William Pittmon
Dorsol Plants
Kenneth R. Poston
Darrell Powell
Patrick Powell
Frank Pritchard
Benny Pulmano
Dale L. Pusey
Fred Quarnstrom
Mariana Quarnstrom
De’Sean Quinn
Ross Radley
Joshua Randall
Rick Redman
Anne Redman
Jennifer Redman
Scott Redman
Janice Richards
Rogelio Riojas
Leticia Riojas
Cos Roberts
James Rogers
Stuart Rolfe
Steve Romein
Richard Roper
Robert Rosenberger
Nathan Rothman
Charles Royer
Curtis Ruffin
George Rumberger
Millie Russell
Edward Russell
Nafiso D. Samatar
Victor Samuels
Bob Santos
Calvin Saunders
Ronnie Saunders
David L. Schraer
Gary Scott
Lenore Scott
Kenneth Selander
Albert Shen
Ronald Sher
George Shinbo
Herb Simon
Justin Simmons, President – Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle
Michael Smith
Orin Smith
Alvin Smith
Diann Smith
Bradford Smith
Dr. James B. Smith
Eleanor Martinez Smith
Steve Sneed
Katie Softli
Eric Sorenson
Tamsen Spengler
George Staggers
Donald Stark
Chris Stearns
Sergio Steele
Denise Stiffarm
Vicki M. Stolsen
Connie Sugahara
Steve Sundquist
Brian Surratt
Karan Swenson
Mark Swenson
Rashelle Tanner
Marc Taylor
Michelle Terry
Doug Thiel
Cynthia Thomas
Bunni Thomas
Paul Thomas
Ellard Thomas
C.W. Thompson
W. Troy Thompson
David Thyer
Tom Tierney, Seattle Housing Authority Director
Judy Tobin
Angela Toussaint
Irwin L. Treiger
Betty Lou Treiger
David Wesley Trotter
Stephanie Tschida
Ben Tsuboi
Sally Tsuboi
Herbert Tsuchiya
Kevin Turner
Gerald Vandenberg
Michael Verchot
Charlie Waggener Jr.
Arthur Wahl
Robert Wallace
Colleen Walls
David Watkins
Judith A. Whetzel
Sheila White
Bettye Wilkes
Clarence Williams
Tandy Williams
Joshua Williams
Willie Williams
Bertram Williams Jr.
Kevin Wilson
Jesse Wineberry
Maiko Winkler‐Chin, Executive Director of Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and
Development Authority
Scott Winn
Donald Wise
Reggie Witherspoon
James Womack
Leslie Womack
Yale Wong
Teresa Wong
Janet Woodward
Christopher Woolley
Ron Wright
William Wurts
Henry Yates
Marla York
Joan Yoshitomi
Roger Young
Steve Zemke


Organizations & Unions
The Seattle Times (Oct. 07, 2007)
“Harrell has been active in our community and has demonstrated an ability to work complex issues as an
attorney for business and nonprofit organizations.”
The Seattle Post‐Intelligencer (Oct. 05, 2007)
“Harrell, an attorney, brings a strong record of accomplishment, deep community knowledge and what we
think would be steady policy judgment.”
The Seattle Medium
Cascade Bicycle Club
Friends of Seattle
“We endorse Bruce Harrell for Position 3…”
Alki Foundation
‐ “Recommended by the Alki Foundation as the best candidate for Seattle City Council Position 3.”
The Municipal League of King County
‐ “Rated VERY GOOD by Municipal League”
Women in Unity – “A” Rating, highest rating for position No. 3.
Seattle King County Association of Realtors
‐ “Highest candidate rating Seattle City Council Position 3.”
Washington Association of Realtors
Rental Housing Association
Seattle Police Management Association
King County Correctional Officers Guild
Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28
Ironworkers Seattle Local 86
SEIU Local 6
SEIU Local 1199NW
United Association Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 32
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587
Carpenters Union Local 131
SEATTLE/KING County Building & Construction Trades Council, AFL‐CIO
Seattle Community Colleges Federation of Teachers Local 1789
Filipino American Political Action Group of WA
Puget Sound Liberals
King County Democratic Central Committee
11th, 34th, 37th, 46th Legislative District Democratic Organizations
Elected Officials
Gary Locke, Former Governor of WA
“…an exciting, dynamic candidate. We desperately need his energy, his vision, and his commitment…”
Ron Sims, Former King County Executive
Larry Gossett, King County Council Chair
Norm Rice, Former Mayor
Wes Uhlman, Former Mayor
Ed Murray, 43rd Leg. Dist. Senator
Chris Bayley, Former King County Prosecutor
Adam Kline, 37th Leg. Dist. State Senator
Bob Hasegawa, 11th Leg. Dist. State Representative
Charles Z. Smith, State Supreme Court Justice (retired)
Phil Talmadge, Former State Supreme Court Justice
Paul Barden, Former King County Councilmember
George Fleming, 37th Leg. Dist. Former Senator
Pat Thibaudeau, 43rd Leg. Dist. Former Senator
Sharon Tomiko Santos, 37th Leg. Dist. Representative
David Della, Former Seattle City Councilmember
Jan Drago, Former Seattle City Councilmember
Eric Pettigrew, 37th Leg. Dist. Representative
Jim McIntire, 46th Leg. Dist. Representative
Lloyd Hara, Former Port of Seattle Commissioner
Velma Veloria, 11th Leg. Dist., Former State Rep.
Pat Davis, Former Port of Seattle Commissioner
Paul Kraabel, Former Seattle City Councilmember
Susan Kruller, Chair, 11th Leg. Dist Democratic Org.
Dawn Mason, 37th Leg. Dist., Former State Rep.
Rosa Franklin, 29th Leg. Dist Senator
Ron Gipson, Everett City Councilmember
Frank Chopp, 43rd Leg. Dist. Representative & Speaker of the House
Albert D. Rosellini, Former Governor of WA
Joe McDermott, Former 34th Leg. Dist. Senator
Mark Sidran, Former Seattle City Attorney
Thomas Carr, Former Seattle City Attorney
Jan Kumasaka, Former Seattle School Board Member
Alan Sugiyama, Former Seattle School Board Member
Irene Stewart, Seattle School Board Member
Desley A. Brooks, Oakland City Councilmember

Warren Aakervik
Miller Adams
Terie Akada
Alan Alabastro
Aaron Alhadeff
Thomas H. Allen
Fred Anderson
Liz Anderson
Nellie Anderson
Pastor Carey Anderson
Virginia Anderson
Annette Anderson
James Andrus
Chuck Ayers (..what he’ll bring to the city council, is the ability to get things done.)
Bradley Bagshaw
Sally Bagshaw
James Baldwin Sr.
Dean Barnes
Paul Bascomb
Maria Batayola
Suki Bazan
Ronald Beard
Cecil Beatty
Pamela Beatty
Yvonne Beatty
Thomas Beierle
James Bell
Bruce Bentley
Ann Berberian
Rachel Bianchi
Laurie Black
Paula E. Boggs
Rache’ Boston
Herb Bridge
Shirley Bridge
Lee Brillhart
Alyce Briscoe
Rita Brogan
Cleo Brooks
Fabienne L. Brooks
Herbert Brooks
Norward Brooks
Gayle Broussard
Carol D. Brown
Fred “Downtown Freddie” Brown
Harold Brown
Reggie K. Brown
James C. Buckley
Suzi Burke
Katherine Bush
Jefferson Butler
Frances Carr
Rev. Dr. Ellis Casson
Jackie Castonguay
Bradley Castonguay
Nori Catabay
Lan Lan Chen
Douglas Chin
Judy Ching
Ronald Ching
Loren Chotzen
Kimberly Cleworth
Darnell Cola
Raymond Connell
Michael Cooper
Dawnmarie Cooper
Cleo Corcoran
George C. Corcoran
William Cortes
Juan Cotto
Donald Covey
Ty Cramer
Anita Crawford‐Willis
Cesely Crowser
Grady Cunningham
James Curtis
Merritt D. Long
Hiro David
Dr. Julius Debro
Eric Dejong
Doug Dixon
Sachiko Domingo
Jean Donohue
Rose Dotson
James & Ora Douglass
Houston Drayton
Ernest Dunston
Jenny Durkan
Pamela Eakes
Oscar Eason
Dr. Sheila Edwards
Paul Elliott
Stephanie Ellis‐Smith
Dr. William Etnyre
Jim Faulstich
Gretchen Faulstich
James E. Fearn
Scott Feldman
Michael R. Fountain
Joann Francis
Horace Francis
Sara Franklin
Francilla Freeman
Phil Fujii
Leonor Fuller
Kyle Funakoshi
Nicole Gaines
Jaime Garcia
Alfoster Garrett
Carver Gayton
William P. Gerberding, President Emeritus of UW
Dr. John German
Peter Glase
Nesby Glasgow
Tony Gomez
Rebeccah Graham
Christopher Green
Carl Griffin
George Griffin
Mark Griffin
Tamra Groh
Florence Harrell
Joanne Harrell
Keith Harrell
Monisha Harrell
Rose Harrell
Wendell Harrell
Paulette E. Harrell‐Botley
Robert Harvey
Phyllis Hatfield
Tim Hatley
Jeffery Hattori
Velma Haynes
Robert I. Heller
Thomas Herche
Doris Hill
Pauline S. Hill
Michiko Hirata
Suzanne Hittman
Cleveland Hobdy III
Rita Hollinshed
Charles R. Horn
Russell Horowitz
Lembhard Howell
Mary Hsu
David Hue
Juan Huey‐Ray
Felisa Hundley
Theodore Hurwitz
Joel Ing
Joey Ing
Vera Ing
Francisco Irigon
Linda Ishii
Curtis Jackson
Yemi Jackson
Edward L. Jackson
UW Coach Don James
Edward Jefferson, School Principal, Seattle Public Schools
Marvin Jenkins
Zabrina Jenkins
Tanya Jimale
Gayle Johnson
Glenn Johnson
Guela G. Johnson
Tehran Johnson
Tenny Johnson
Mona Lake Jones
Joe Jones
Maryann Jordan
Roberto M. Jourdan
Craig Kairis
John Kane
David Kaplan
Thomas Karwaki
Gerrie Kawabata
Robert Kayihura
James Kelly
Tom Kelly
Hyeok Kim
Beatrice Kiyohara
Benita Knight
Elaine Ikoma Ko
Steve Koh
Jim Kranick
John Kranick
Henry Kumasaka
Kelly Kunsch
Ruthann Kurose
Pablo Lambinicio
Laverne Lamoureux
Sheila Lange
Rachel LaRoche
Manny Lee
Sharon Lee
Lyman Legters
Desiree Leigh
Dena Levine
Anne Levinson
Greg Lewis
Rayburn Lewis
Joan Liddell
Diankha Linear
Kristina Logsdon
Jason Lombard
Roy L. Long Sr.
Nancy Buffington Lucks
Bettie Luke
Debra Lyles
Kenneth Lyles
Margaret Lyles
Toni Malliet
Nancy Malmgren
Dorothy Mann
John Manning
Bob Markholdt
Doug Martin
Theo & Gaelyn Martin
James Martos Jr.
Karen Mask
Alesia Massingale
Ruby Massingale
Trish May
Lawrence Mayfield
Stafford Mays
Thom McCann
Reverend Dr. Samuel B. McKinney
Cothron McMillian
Ann McMurray
Ammon McWashington
Mary McWilliams
Julie Meyer
Anthony Miles
Nate Miles
Audrey Miller
Lamar Mills
Dr. Maxine Mimms
Kollin Min
Johnnie Mobley
Warren Moon
Tomio Moriguchi
Shan Mullin
Pat Murakami
Jonathan Nash Jr.
Marina Nelson
Tom Nesby
Florence Newbill
Minh‐Duc Nguyen
Neil Nicholson
Jane Nishita
Roger Nyhus
Candace O’Neill
Kathy Oglesby
Rick Oglesby
John Okamoto
Mark Okazaki
Arlene Oki
David Okimoto
Tony Orange
Bob O’Rear
Abe Otoupal
Douglas S. Palmer
Robert Parks
Patricia Paschal
Lisa Pascualy
Timothy Pauley
Jesse Perry
Jada Pettigrew
Jeffery Pfeiffer
Michael Pinckney
William H. Pittmon
Paulo Pontemayor
W. Thomas Porter
Marcus Price
Ed Prince
Faaluaina Pritchard
Karl Quackenbush
Desean Quinn
Albert Raines
Rick Redman
Trina Reese
Jay Reich
Andy Reynolds
Dwight Rives
Cos Roberts
Steve Rockey
James Rogers
UW Coach Lorenzo Romar
Gloria Ross
Charlotte M. Ruff
George Rumberger
Jon Runstad
Judy Runstad
Al Runte
Leonard Russell
Jennifer Samuels
Victor Samuels
Bengie Santos
Bob Santos
Vonda Sargent
Ronnie Saunders
Scott Scheffler
Elizabeth & Donald Seaton
Kenneth Selander
Susan Sheary
Albert Shen
Alfred J.M. Shiga
Bill Shinbo
Cindi Shiota
Daniel Sims
Eleanor Martinez Smith
Larry J. Smith
Patricia Smith
Michael Smith
Stephen Sneed
Katie Softli
Gregory Southern
David C. Spates
Thaddeus Spratlen
George Staggers
Howard and Patricia Stambor
Isaiah Stanback
Alec Stephens
Nancy Stephens
Shayne Stevenson
Lisa Stuebing
Helen Stusser
Kriss Tanaka
Vinh Tang
Rashelle Tanner
Yvonne Tate
Russell Taylor
Kirkland Taylor
Quintard Taylor
Selamowit Teklemariam
Abner Thomas
Donna Thomas
Liz Thomas
Cynthia Thomas
David Thyer
Charles Todd
Winifred Todd
Paul Toliver
Cayan Topacio
Thao Tran
Peter Tsai
Frank Tsuboi
Gail Tsuboi
Sally Tsutsumoto
Darren Varnado
Kristal Varnado
Clyde Walker
Colleen Walls
Linda Walton
Ron Ward
Marilyn Warner
Tayloe Washburn
Carol A. Wells
Victoria West
Dwight Wheaton II
Joe White
Pastor Reggie Whitherspoon
Bettye Wilkes
Bertram Williams Jr.
Percy Williams Jr.
John Arthur Wilson
Ben Woo
Ruth Woo
Constance Woodruff
Doris Wooten
Octavius Wooten
John & Phyllis Yasutake
Henry Yates
Joan Yoshitomi
Frances Youn
Jean Zatochill